Proposed Changes to the GSBF By-Laws


GSBF_sq_stampThe proposed 2014 changes to the GSBF By-Laws are now available for membership review and comments. You can find the changes to the By-Laws under the Membership menu or by clicking here. Please use Contact Us for any comments or email your comments directly to GSBF 1VP Scott Chadd at or GSBF President Abe Far at  An approval vote is scheduled for the fall meeting at the GSBF Convention 37.



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Accent Plants at the 31st REBS

rebsacc_150By George Haas

The annual bonsai show presented by REBS places great detail in the traditional display of its bonsai. Accent plants or companion plantings are traditional in the formal display of bonsai. Bonsai are formally displayed in a Tokonoma, which can consist of a tree, a scroll and an accent plant. The purpose of adding a scroll or in the following examples an accent plant to the composition is to compliment the tree on display and to create a sense of harmony (man, earth and heaven). (more…)

Shohin Bonsai at the 31st REBS

291_150By George Haas
(at the 31st REBS)

Shohin is a classification of bonsai measuring 20 centimeters or eight inches and under. REBS members and other bonsai enthusiasts are fond of creating and displaying shohin bonsai. They include most species of trees used for larger bonsai, and require the same if not more attention to detail in wiring and styling, care and maintenance. Shohin pots offer variety, shape and color not seen in the larger bonsai. They are prized for their beauty and true miniature size. Shohin can be displayed as companion plants, alone or in multiple wooden racks. (more…)

31st Annual Redwood Empire Bonsai Society (REBS) Show

pineGrv150By George Haas

REBS held their 31st Annual Bonsai Show on August 23 and 24, 2014, at the Veterans’ Memorial Building, Santa Rosa, California. It is one of the largest bonsai shows in the United States. Under the guidance of world famous Bonsai Master Kathy Shaner, the club’s Sensei, every detail of the displaying of bonsai is taken very seriously. The layout of bonsai, scrolls, accent plants, and other bonsai related items is planned and directed days before show set up on Friday. It takes a large crew of club members to assemble the backdrops and covered tables in the main Veterans’ Memorial Hall. Then the trees arrive and are turned over to Kathy for precise placement. Accent plants, scrolls and bonsai art objects are added to compliment the trees. (more…)

GSBF Bonsai Club Fund-raisers

GSBF_sq_stampBy George Haas

Just about every member club of the Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) holds at least one annual fund-raiser during the calendar year – the annual club show or exhibition. The purpose of the annual club show is twofold – to introduce and show the public and other clubs our bonsai and to raise funds to support club operations and scheduled activities during the rest of the year. Donations are greatly appreciated at such events. (more…)

Garden Glimpse

150By Joe Byrd
Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt

The GSBF Bonsai School at Lake Merritt received initial funding at the recently held GSBF Board Meeting. The goals of the School are threefold: 1) train students to develop and manage large public and private collections of bonsai such as the GSBF collections at Lake Merritt and Huntington; 2) raise the level of bonsai knowledge throughout the bonsai community; and 3) provide an advanced level of bonsai education for serious bonsai students. (more…)

San Diego Bonsai Club Bus Trip

all_150By Janice Hale

The San Diego Bonsai Club went on a bus trip to visit local bonsai nurseries this past July. A wonderful activity many GSBF bonsai clubs place on their yearly calendars to discover new bonsai trends, revisit old friends and to shop for their bonsai needs. Members of the San Diego Bonsai Club had an adventure July 26th by heading north to Roy Nagatoshi’s Fuji Nursery in Sylmar, Green Products Sales in the City of Industry and to Lindsay Shiba’s Mt. Fuji Nursery in Upland. It was a shop-till-you-drop day. We managed to fill the cargo bay of a large tour bus with pre-bonsai trees, bonsai pots and display stands. (more…)

San Francisco Suiseki Kai 33rd Annual Suiseki Exhibit

150The San Francisco Suiseki Kai 33rd Annual Suiseki Exhibit was held at the Union Bank Community Room, Japan Center, San Francisco, California, on August 2 and 3, 2014. San Francisco Suiseki Kai was founded in 1981 by a small group of Japanese-American immigrants. Members of San Francisco Suiseki Kai meet regularly for study classes and stone collecting and hold regular exhibits at the Japan Center in San Francisco. (more…)

GSBF Workshop Program

GSBF_sq_stampGSBF Workshop Program will provide funding directly to qualifying clubs for the purpose of reimbursing the clubs for the cost (up to $400 per club) of club workshops and other educational functions, such as seminars, demonstrations, and lectures. The primary goal of the Workshop Program is to provide funding to those clubs that due to either geographical or financial hardship have difficulty obtaining instructors for their club programs. (more…)