The Artisans Cup Winners 2015

150_03Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon September 25 – 27, 2015

By George Haas

The Artisans Cup bonsai exhibition and competition was the first of its kind. Founded by Ryan and Chelsea Neil, sponsored, and supported by many bonsai notables, art and design professionals, and volunteers throughout the successful event. I’ll write more about the special event and its activities in another post. Here I want to identify the bonsai exhibitors who won the competition for cash prizes, certificates, award plaques, special recognition bronze award, and bragging rights in the first ever “The Artisans Cup” with promises of many more to take place.

Kora Dalager, owner of Bonsai Travel, Orinda, California, pledged $500 cash prize, award certificate and award plaque for the 2015 Best Accent Plant. The winner was Randy Knight of Oregon Bonsai Farms for displaying a beautiful accent planting in a Japanese roof tile container, accompanying his California Coast Redwood.

Convention 38 Update: Demonstrations

convention2015At the 2015 GSBF Convention in Riverside all registrants will find lots of workshops, seminars, round table talks, critiques, excursions, and open events to select from. Open to all registrants: Workshops (silent observers) and all round table talks. And, all registrants are invited to attend the exciting and informative demonstrations led by the convention headliners and guest artists, as listed after the jump. (more…)

GSBF “Best” Website and Newsletter Contests

GSBF_sq_stampThe 2015 GSBF Golden Statements Website and Newsletter Contests are on going until October 1, 2015. Four categories make it possible for two winners in the website contest and two winners in the newsletter contest. All categories remain open until the deadline. We are looking for well-established websites and new websites or webmasters, as well as small (four pages or less) and large (more than four pages) newsletters.

This year great prizes were selected for the lucky winners from Katsura Forest Bonsai in Japanese woodblock prints. “Beauties” by Chobunsai Eishi (1756-1829). Fully framed in glass. (more…)

Judged Bonsai Competition 2015

convention2015All bonsai enthusiasts who are members of a GSBF club are invited to enter their bonsai in a judged competition wherein cash prizes will be awarded. Any person who is a recognized member of a GSBF club in good standing (current on dues) is eligible to enter their bonsai in the judged competition. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners in each category. A combined total of $1,500.00 can be awarded. Entries will be accepted starting on June 1st. Deadline for all entries is October 1st. All categories are open until the deadline. Click here for the official rules and entry form. (more…)

Artist Uyen Truong

150_Image274By George Haas

Bonsai artist and painter Uyen Truong has made many wonderful contributions to the bonsai community. Uyen started to learn bonsai with John Naka and Harry Hirao more than 25 years ago when he was a member of the Kofu Bonsai Kai in Southern California. He has a BA Degree in Fine Arts and still painting (figurative and abstract). Uyen does bonsai critiques for local clubs in Southern California by incorporating his sketching of bonsai. Uyen painted the portrait of the late Harry Hirao in about two days in order to meet the scheduled services on August 4, 2015. In the past, Uyen painted a portrait of John Naka, which now belongs to the US National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

Other examples of Uyen’s artist skills can be found in the images that follow.
Additional information about Uyen’s bonsai skills can be found on the GSBF Website under the title of Bonsai Styling with Master Uyen Truong, posted on January 12, 2015.


Club Field Trip to Muranaka Bonsai Nursery

150_Image261By Susanne Barrymore

On September 5, 2015, members of the Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara made a field trip to the Muranaka Bonsai Nursery in Nipomo, located on the central coast of California.

I went to the agreed location near Sears to car pool, and only found one couple there planning to go. Margaret Rose and Ronald Dolkart were there with their Honda van, and with my little Honda Civic as the other option, they offered to drive, with Margaret at the wheel. Ron had the foresight to get the directions from Google Maps, which turned out to be essential. Joining us at the nursery were our youngest member, Tyler DeBlauw, and his mother Cheryl, who live nearby. (more…)

Convention 38 Update: Scheduled Vendors

convention2015Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention 38 brings together the best vendors from around the State and beyond. They go the extra mile to bring their very best wares to the convention and make this the highlight of the bonsai-shopping year.

If you are a vendor interested in participating in the 2015 Convention, please contact, e-mail Cary & Steve Valentine, Vendor Chairs, at (more…)

Convention 38 Update

missandlogoCheryl Manning, Convention 38 Chair, reports that there are no more convention rooms at the Riverside Hyatt Place Hotel, but $99/day convention rooms are still available at the Mission Inn. Don’t wait until the last minute to make your bookings.
Mission Inn Hotel, 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501. Phone: 951-784-0300

Special News:
A special arrangement has been made for all convention registrants to use their name badges to gain free access to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, including Bonsai Court, following the convention on Monday, November 2, 2015.