Bay Island Bonsai Associates Annual Exhibit 2015 (part 1)

bibs150Every first of the year Northern California bonsai enthusiasts look forward to the Bay Island Bonsai (BIB) Associates’ annual bonsai exhibit and auction in late January. This year’s event occurred on January 24 and 25, 2015, at the Lakeside Park Garden Center, Lake Merritt, Oakland. Hours were 10 AM to 4 PM, Saturday and Sunday. Auction on the first day, preview at Noon and auction at 1 PM. Bonsai demonstration by Boon Manakitivipart on Sunday at 1 PM. Guided tours of the exhibited trees both days. There were vendors on hand, club sales, educational bonsai materials for sale, and special pot sales this year. Admission to the exhibit was free and donations were gratefully accepted at the front information desk. For Northern California, the BIB event starts the bonsai show season. (more…)

Break in the New Year with Kathy Shaner

ks_150The GSBF Golden Statements announcement read, “Break in the New Year with Kathy Shaner!” “Free Admission” The East Bay Bonsai Society (EBBS) invited all to attend a free demonstration by Kathy on Wednesday evening, January 14, 2015, starting at 7:30 PM, at the Lakeside Garden Center, Lake Merritt Park, Oakland, California. The announcement further read that Kathy would demonstrate the nuances of discovering and styling a multi-trunk Korean Hornbeam with superb nebari and age. The demo tree along with other items would be raffled following the demo. This was an opportunity to see Kathy in action. And, many EBBS members and guests attended! (more…)

Preparing for Lake Merritt’s Mammoth Fundraiser

GSBF_sq_stampGreat preparations are underway to make the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Mammoth Fundraiser’s 15th anniversary 2015 the biggest event of the year, ever. The auction catalogue containing 101 items is in its final stages before being sent to the printer. A preview of the catalogue’s cover is shown below. The Saturday, February 21 program includes special speakers, dignitaries and guests for a short ceremony honoring the efforts to take raw ground and make a first class museum bonsai collection at Lake Merritt. The auction review starts at 12 Noon. (more…)

The Seventh Annual Bonsai Yard Sale in Fresno

fres_150It’s become a habit. On the first Saturday in December, rain or shine, the Fresno Bonsai Society has their annual yard sale. The concept is simple. Anyone, from anywhere is welcome to buy, sell or trade any item related to bonsai in any way. The number of finished bonsai, pre-bonsai and the quality of that material has risen steadily. We have seen a remarkable increase in commercial vendors of pots, stones, accent plants and supplies. (more…)

Bonsai Styling with Master Uyen Truong

master_150The Orange Empire Bonsai Society had a great November 2014 meeting with Master Uyen Truong and his wife, Ila conducting a critique of members’ trees and drawing a future style of the tree for our members. Uyen began restyling some California Junipers and then went on to give Paul Minerich a glowing review of his double trunked Bougainvillea. Joe Franciosi brought a cypress tree for the demo and Uyen not only restyled it but repotted the entire tree and gave it a very refreshed new look.


Deciding on a Bonsai Pot

150_Background: On Saturday and Sunday, December 6 and 7, 2014, in the East Bay, California, I was fortunate enough to participate in a bonsai styling workshop with Matt Reel. Mike Pistello at his home set up the workshop. I brought to the workshop five trees; two garden junipers, one Itoigawa Shimpaku, and two collected Utah junipers. All pre-bonsai. I believed the garden juniper and Itoigawa Shimpaku were best suited for the semi-cascade style. I wanted something different with the two collected Utah junipers, bunjin or literati. All four trees were healthy. Each tree had an abundance of foliage to work with and significant trunk and branch movement. The two Utah junipers were collected in the White Mountains east of Bishop, California, in the fall of 2006. The Utahs were transplanted from growing containers in to bonsai pots several years ago. The other two junipers were still in nursery containers. Matt suggested a shorter tree for the garden juniper since there wasn’t much interest in the longest branch to make a decent cascade or semi-cascade style bonsai. Plans for the other trees were more than acceptable. (more…)

GSBF Website Submissions

GSBF_sq_stampThe Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) Official Website offers more bonsai related information and stories in a news blog-like format with posting every Monday and Thursday. Where does the information come from? The answer is you. You submit your information by email using MS Word and images (300 ppi minimum) to the Editor of Golden Statements Magazine. There are no deadlines for submissions. We are looking for information about club shows and other scheduled activities (demonstrations, auctions, workshops, special lecturers, etc.) Do not let an important activity go unnoticed but share the experience with others! (more…)

Bay Area Bonsai Associates (BABA) Meeting with Valentin “Bali” Part 2

150_Image293Background: On November 8, 2014, BABA held their monthly meeting at the Garden Center at Lake Merritt Park, Oakland, California by having Jim Gremel’s protégé Valentin (aka Bali) perform a demonstration on a medium size Sierra Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis ssp. australis) grafted with the foliage of the Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Itoigawa Shimpaku’). After the Sierra Juniper was collected from the wild, Jim placed a number of Itoigawa Shimpaku grafts some seven to eight years ago. Now the Itoigawa Shimpaku grafts have taken and formed strong shoots low in the trunk area of the Sierra Juniper. The grafted tree appeared in good health and ready for its first styling. (more…)