Celebrating 15 Years of  Excellence in Bonsai (1999-2014)
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BGLM Celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year. Thanks to all those volunteers and contributors who make it possible to operate the garden and continue to make it thrive.

BGLM Joins California Association of Museums (CAM)
We are now a proud member of this wonderful organization.Stay tuned for more information on what that means for us. Our newly printed brochure now says "Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt - A World-famous Bonsai Museum".

How do you describe the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt (BFLM) to someone who has not visited there? Perhaps you will say that it is LIKE a bonsai museum. Now you can say it IS a bonsai museum. Thanks to the help of Dr. John Nackley, a regular volunteer, we have recently joined the California Association of Museums (CAM). Not only does this make it easier to explain to others what the BGLM is, it also helps us secure more funding and provides us with assistance in formalizing the preservation of our collection and the history of our bonsai.

Spring in the Garden
It is already turning into spring time at the garden. Be sure to drop by and see the many trees that are beginning to bloom and form fragil new leaves.

Upcoming Events:
Earth Day, April 26, 2014
Starbucks employees volunteer for
the Gardens.

Oakland Farmers Market Table, June 21, 2014
BGLM will have a presence at the Farmers Market to spread the word that we are in Oakland and is a great place to visit regually.

A view of our front gate take this year in the late afternoon sun. Enjoy the play of light and shadow in the garden.

New articles will soon be posted. Be sure to check in and see what is happening at the garden.

This is the 15th anniversary year of the BGLM for it was in 1999 that then Oakland Mayor, and now Governor, Jerry Brown helped open the Garden. Although there is little hope of getting Jerry to return for our anniversary celebration, we will nonetheless have a very exciting celebration during this year's "Autumn Lights Festival hosted by the Friends of the Garden at Lake Merritt". If you have not seen the Garden and the bonsai lit for nighttime viewing, you are in for a real treat. Save the dates of Friday and Saturday, October 17-18 for a celebration of both the trees and the forest of BGLM's 15th anniversary.

GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt
Near the Lakeside Garden Center
666 Bellevue Ave
Oakland, CA

Hours: The Garden May be closed
on heavy rain days. Please check
the weather reports.

2nd and 4th Tuesday only
11am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 12 noon - 4pm
 Us On Facebook for the latest updates on events.
Contact us at: bonsailakemerritt@gmail.com
Phone: 510.763.8409

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