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Monthly Demonstrations


Monthly Classes
4th Sunday

These classes are hosted by the East Bay Bonsai Society.


Bonsai Class Ė Introduction to Bonsai

Free two hour class, fourth Sunday of the month except February and December, from 1-3 at the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt

Have you recently gotten a bonsai tree and wondered how to take care of it?  Do you wonder if itís alive?  Have you gone through our Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt and just wanted to know more about how we develop and maintain these wonderful trees?  Then come to our Introduction to Bonsai class and get an overview of what bonsai is about.  Youíll learn about seasonal maintenance work such as repotting, trimming, watering and fertilizing.  Youíll learn about the basic styles of bonsai and the techniques we use to shape the trees. 

If you have a bonsai and would like advice on how to care for it or take it to the next level, bring it in!  We will not have time to work on your tree, but will try to answer any questions you may have.  (Make sure your tree is not diseased or infested.  We donít want to contaminate the trees on display).  

You will also learn about resources in the area such as where you can learn more about bonsai and where you can find clubs, shows, supplies and trees.  

The class is structured for beginners.  You can make a reservation for the class by signing up at the Bonsai Garden Lake Merritt, or by sending an e-mail to tthe garden.

The class is designed and taught by members of the East Bay Bonsai Society (EBBS).  This club has monthly instructional meetings and an annual bonsai show at the Lakeside Garden Center at Lake Merritt.  For more information about EBBS, go to www.eastbaybonsai.org.   

Kathy Shaner's upcoming
dates at the garden for 2014 are:

January 18-27, 29, 30 - 2014
February 16-23 - 2014

Experienced bonsai volunteers can gain tremendous knowledge from volunteering to assist Kathy Shaner as she works on the Collectionís bonsai.  These are often the times when quite advanced bonsai care is done, such as:

1. Major restyling

2. Bare root repotting

3. Selection of new pot.

Kathyís schedule is variable, so if you are an experienced bonsai person and would like to benefit from Kathyís vast store of knowledge, contact the garden at (510) 763-8409 to begin the process.


Winter Hazel begins to bloom in March.

Inside the garden we can see signs of Spring. Cherry trees and red bud are beginning to bloom and the pines and junipers are getting their color back.
  The Big Dig! A Tree Hunting Story
Imagine having the opportunity to go on a big dig in the Mojave desert with two famous bonsai masters. Recently a small team of folks had just that opportunity. Follow our team in this photo journal of what we have fondly called the 'Big Dig'.

New Promo Movie on Youtube
Watch our new movie promo about bonsai in Oakland